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Nepal Tourism Recover campaign has been stated

Nepal Tourism Recover campaign has been stated

Nepal : Back on Top Of the World
Kathmandu : Nepal is open for business and welcomes all tourists, this is the message that the National Tourism Promotion Committee (NTPC) is communicating to the world through a new promotional logo and slogan.
Despite a series of earthquakes this spring that shook the country, Nepal has been working hard on recovering and building back better than ever before. The NTPC, along with all stakeholders in the tourism industry, wishes to convey that Nepal is safe for visitors and that there is just as much to see and do in Nepal as there was before. Most of Nepal’s cultural monuments, trekking and mountaineering trails and tourist attractions are up and running, ready to welcome visitors.The logo and slogan are part of a concerted effort to revitalize the tourism industry and tell the world that life in Nepal is back to normal.- NTPC / NTB Aug. 31, 2015

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